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Standard Professional Services Rates


Senior Information Architect SME $2,000/day (USD)
Oil & Gas Systems Engineer SME $2,000/day (USD)
Senior Software Engineer SME $2,000/day (USD)
Software Engineer $1,500/day (USD)
Project Management $1,200/day (USD)

Assetricity invoices on a semi-monthly basis unless an alternative schedule is agreed to. Standard terms are Net 30.

Reimbursable Expenses

Transportation and hotel costs directly associated with the project will be billed to the Customer using actual cost. Airfare will be booked in coach class whenever available. Meals and incidental expenses (M&IE) will be charged using the current GSA per diem rates for US travel and the current US State Department M&IE per diem rate for non-US travel (reduced to 75 percent of the applicable M&IE rate for first and final travel days). Travel rate for T&E (time and expense) tasks is billed at one-half of the applicable professional services rate. Reprographics charges, miscellaneous out-of-pocket charges, postage, and special mailings will be billed at actual cost.