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Assetricity SimpleISBM

The SimpleISBM™ provides a platform for sharing enterprise data using open standards. It provides a messaging middleware platform supporting publish-subscribe and request-response scenarios through uniform Web Service interfaces. Any information can be shared through the SimpleISBM - including those based on open standards (e.g. MIMOSA CCOM or ISO 15926) and even company-specific formats. The ISBM is a key enabler for the Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem™ (OIIE™) and the Assetricity SimpleISBM has been used as the benchmark implementation to enable the OGI Pilot™ and associated interoperability testing.


Open standards

Fully implements the OpenO&M ws-ISBM and ISA 95 Part 6 standards to provide a vendor-neutral interface for applications to communicate. The SimpleISBM has been used and validated as part of the MIMOSA Oil and Gas Interoperability Pilot.

Small footprint

Lightweight, providing deployment flexibility without expensive license and resource costs of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The SimpleISBM can be used as an incremental migration path to ensure your enterprise systems conform to the standardized interfaces before introducing a fully fledged ESB. Since it is based on open standards, it is simple to swap out without the costs/risks typically found with custom Enterprise Application Integration.

Widely available

We offer cloud-hosted instances on Amazon AWS or SAP HANA Cloud as well as on-premise solutions. The SimpleISBM is Java-based and will run on your favorite operating system including Linux and Windows. Security is important to us and we use HTTPS encryption and WS-Security for authorization.