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Assetricity SimpleISBM Service Directory

The SimpleISBM™ Service Directory provides a Service of Record configuration management tool for the Open Industrial Interoperability Ecosystem™ (OIIE™) utilizing an OpenO&M ws-ISBM-conforming middleware platform such as the Assetricity SimpleISBM.

Service Directory

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To simplify the configuration management of ISBM adapters, the Service Directory allows centralized channel, topic and security management through an easy-to-use user interface. It also allows a holistic view of the configuration of the ecosystem, allowing users to see the connectivity of applications and errors to be easily spotted. Through the Service Directory, users can easily designate certain applications to be the "service of record" for a given category of information, and this can be enforced through the use of secured channels using token-based credentials.

Open standards

Data is available for consumption by other applications using the standardized Web Services defined by from the OpenO&M ws-ISBM Web Service Information Service Bus Model (ws-ISBM) using the request/response scenarios defined in the draft MIMOSA Service Directory specification.

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