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Assetricity IOM-OG Transform

The IOM-OG® Transform provides a set of translation services that convert data between ISO 15926 and MIMOSA CCOM formats. This is ideal for use during capital project information handover, and operation and maintenance (O&M) application provisioning.

IOM-OG Transform

P&ID conversion

Seamlessly convert tags, hierarchies, networks, properties and graphics from your AVEVA, Bentley or Intergraph P&ID applications to MIMOSA CCOM XML, which can then be loaded into your O&M applications.

Standards based

XMpLant, Proteus and ISO 15926 OWL are natively supported for import, while MIMOSA CCOM is natively supported for export. The OpenO&M ws-ISBM is supported for standardized Web Service-based communications.

Custom reference data

Reference classes from both industry or enterprise reference data libraries are supported, with only a mapping specification required as input to the IOM-OG Transform.

Vendor extensions

As ISO 15926 does not have a canonical representation for all engineering concepts, the IOM-OG Transform supports vendor "extensions" whereby non-ISO 15926 data may be transmitted in alternate formats.

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